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Camouflaged Spitter (Works 50% of the Time), 2021

Wood laminate, motion sensor, string, feathers, hair dryer, soap dispenser, water

96 in x 5 in x 5 in

This piece is composed of two parts: a white box on the ceiling from which a piece of string hangs, and a tall pillar constructed of wood veneer that matches the color of the gallery floor. Inside the white box is a motion sensor and hair dryer, which are set off by meandering audience members. The wood pillar contains a nested motion sensor soap dispenser, which irregularly spits water onto the floor when viewers linger. The matching tones of wood are an effort to make the piece blend in, though it’s disruptive actions and tall form make it very obvious in the space. The irregular spitting and loud interruption of the hair dryer are humorous, surprising, and rude.

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