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Optimized Office Plant


Acrylic blinds, carpet tile, LED strip lights, water cooler, spray paint, chicken wire, plaster, steel, enamel paint, printed images of pigeon feet, dildos and tongues, shellac, coffee straws, dead bugs, hinges, resin, fabric, foam, wheely chair, LED message fans, Morning Mist gel beads, artificial plant leaves, twine, banana holder, bananas.

Plant form is 80in x 16inx 30in. Installation dimensions variable.

This installation is a visual rumination on productivity, beauty and the office through an absurdist lens. The carpet tile, blinds, water cooler and lighting directly reference the drab ambiance of an office, and the sculpture incorporates detritus, such as coffee straws, that one might encounter in that space. The visual lull created by these elements is disrupted by the bright, scented flower in the center. The smell of the flower (the petals hold scented gel beads), breeze from the fans, resin water drops, and dead bugs are a clumsily distilled representation of nature's pleasures. Beauty exists in the name of productivity in this work, and no space is wasted. Bananas are available on the stalk for snacking, and the sculpture can be wheeled around using the large red handle. The fans project disjointed poetry in LED lights:

Liv Laff Luv
What you need


Take it
I love
Help me
Help you

I want
I want
I want
I want
You to
Tell me
What's appropriate?

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