A friend once told me that intimacy occurs when another person sees aspects about you that you hoped they wouldn’t see. I have found that relationships are formed in the mundane: in moments that are later forgotten or overlooked. My work is an effort to highlight those spaces – both physical and emotional – in which intimacy develops.

The maquettes are explorations of the physical spaces in which intimacy develops. They are small in size and can fit in the palm of a hand. They reflect everyday settings, such as a diner or bedroom. The spaces are made unfamiliar by the alien characters that occupy them, and are constructed of materials that are not natural to those settings. Although the settings are logical, material play allows the work to teeter on the edge of surrealism. 

The mixed media paintings operate more plainly in a surrealist realm. They vary in size, from the standard size of a piece of paper to as tall as a 6th grade student. They reflect the emotional space of intimacy. Intimate experiences are portrayed as appear in memories and dreams. The settings are nebulous and the narrative is non-linear or confusing.  The work operates three and two dimensionally. Physical details are recreated in three dimensions, yet the work is a clear interpretation of experience.

Play and humor propel the development of my work. Though the work reflects real situations at a glance, odd combinations of materials or juxtapositions reveal its existence in the surreal. The work ranges dramatically in scale as well. The maquettes are the size of a person’s palm, and the paintings can be as tall as a 6th grade student. The work evokes feelings that occur in intimacy - familiarity and unpredictability, laughter and discomfort.